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The Garwolińskie Milk is a natural product, fresh and essential in the daily human diet.

Thanks to the natural purification process of microfiltration, and then subjecting the low-pasteurized Milk Garwolińskie retains alle the vitamins and trace elements and the natural flavour and aroma of fresh milk. It is better absorbed by the body and does not require cooking. The Garwolińskie Milk is ideal to be eaten cold.

Out of concern for the natural environment Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Garwolin has recently introduced a new packaging for 2% and 3,2% milk in the form of a 1l brown carton. It is environmentally friendly and CO2 emissions associated with this packaging have been reduced to zero.

Butter and fat mixes

Butter is a product created in the process of souring and churning cream.

Extra butter is produced by OSM Garwolin is an excellent choice for consumers who value natural butter containing 82% fat of animal origin only. It is available in the form of a cube 200g and 15g bones.

Another type of butter with a lower fat animal is Stołowe Tradycyjne, available in 200g and 100g.

The company has also mixes fats, such as Stołowy Garwoliński 250g or Osełka Garwolińska 200g, containing a relatively small addition of oil improves the lubricity while not affecting the taste of butter.

OSM Garwolin butter is a long tradition of quality and winning many awards.


Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Garwolin has been a valued and recognized manufacturer curd.

In our offer especially well-known is the traditional fat curd cheese, semi-fat and thin wrapped in parchment. Manual method of packing is unchanged.

The offer is also available version of curd cheese in the so-called “trójpak”, which perfectly finds himself in the wholesale trade. In addition, dairy proposes a traditional curd cheese enclosed in foil, so it is fresh longer.

Our offer also includes delicious cream curd, whose delicate, velvety taste is gaining recognition of an increasing number of consumers.


Cream cheese curds are formed with the addition of skimmed homogenized cream and flavored charge. The most popular flavor is vanilla, highly recommended by mothers and adored by children.

Our offer also includes flavors: strawberry, chocolate, raspberry with coconut cubes, natural and with orange balls.

Cottage cheese is cottage cheese in the form of small grains with crisp cream. The company also has a rustic cottage cheese with reduced fat content of 3%.

Sandwich cheese is an ideal ingredient in every sandwich. Thanks to its delicate, creamy consistency it spreads perfectly.

Milk drinks

Fermented drinks are produced by the fermentation of milk.

Kefir is a natural and healthy product, recommended for people who are on a diet. In addition, it effects on metabolism.

Buttermilk is a dietary product, which is perfect quenches thirst and it is very energizing. It is also a source of calcium.

It is available natural and strawberry buttermilk in the offer of OSM Garwolin


Yoghurts are products extremely nourishing, with unique taste and aroma. They contain live bacteria, beneficial effect on the human digestive system.

OSM Garwolin offers four delicious flavors of yogurt fruit: cherry, strawberry, pear and peach passion fruit.

Recently, the OSM Garwolin yoghurt offer has been extended to include 330g thick natural yoghurt. Its delicate, velvety, dense texture and delicious taste make it perfect as an addition to desserts, salads, but also as a light snack during the day. Advantages of the new yogurt:

  • Only 3 ingredients;
  • Does not contain powdered milk;
  • Contains live yoghurt bacteria cultures and a selected strain of Bifidobacterium BB12.
Sour cream

OSM Garwolin has a wide range of creams 18% and 30% in varying weights tailored to the individual needs of consumers.

The cream produced by OSM Garwolin are ideal for soups, sauces, salads and whipping.


Natural OSM Garwolin products, without preservatives, ale also available in large grammages in the gastronomic offer.

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