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About Company

The brand of OSM Garwolin products is assessed as the best of the best. And so: at the Milk Expo 2011 Fair in Warsaw, the cooperative received the Super Cup of the Minister of Agriculture for the best brand and the title of Dairy Producer of the 20th anniversary of the Highest Quality, thus taking 1st place for the quality of dairy products during the 20th anniversary of the Milk Expo Fair. The awards at this Fair, as well as at other exhibition events throughout the country, clearly testify to the high
quality and delicious taste of our products.

Let’s remember: OSM Garwolin is a leader in the quality of cottage cheese, butter, cheese, buttermilk and fresh milk. OSM Garwolin products are characterized by a simple composition and natural taste. They are a good source of protein and vitamins. They are made of the highest quality milk in accordance with the standards of the IFS, Kosher, “Quality Tradition” quality system, and have been awarded with the Know Good Food sign.


The District Dairy Cooperative Garwolin was established in 1946, and its economic and economic basis was the “Jedność” Dairy Cooperative with associated smaller dairy units. The first seat of the Cooperative was Garwolin. From this city – always friendly to farmers – it took its name. In the first years of its prosperity, the seat of the company was located in booths situated on the town square. In 1952, the construction of a new plant began, located in Wola Rębkowska, where the company’s headquarters is still located today. Very modern for those times, the production plant was put into operation on August 25, 1956. From that moment on, in the market square of Warsaw and the surrounding area, there was a lot of talk about Garwolin cottage cheese, Garwolin butter, Garwolin milk and cream. In 1956, the processing capacity of the plant was determined at the level of 60,000 liters of milk per day.

Management Board and Supervisory board


Prezes Zarządu – mgr inż. Waldemar Paziewski

V-ce Prezes Zarządu ds. Handlu – Barbara Kot

V-ce Prezes Zarządu ds. Technicznych – mgr inż. Robert Kuchnio


Przewodniczący – Tomasz Błachnio

Zastępca – Grzegorz Miętus

Sekretarz – Sławomir Więckowski.

Zarząd i Rada Nadzorcza

Supervisory board:

1 Sitnik Justyna
2 Adamiec Krzysztof
3 Wróbel Marek
4 Baran Piotr
5 Błachnio Tomasz
6 Chiliński Grzegorz
7 Dziubak Maciej
8 Dźwigałowski Michał
9 Łodyga Marcin
10 Górski Dariusz
11 Grasiak Bożena
12 Gryglas Piotr
13 Osica Hanna
14 Latuszek Jolanta
15 Grzegrzułka Marcin
16 Miętus Grzegorz
17 Mańkowski Krzysztof
18 Sztyber Dariusz
19 Warda Marta
20 Więckowski Sławomir
21 Zawadka Marcin

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska Garwolin has been a valued producer of the highest quality dairy products for many years. All of them are made of high-quality milk obtained from local suppliers from clean regions of Mazovia. Each of them is carefully produced in a process referring to the traditional methods of making dairy products. As a result, products distinguished by their natural taste are created, the quality of which speaks for itself. They have a simple composition appreciated by consumers, which is currently one of the main determinants of a healthy and safe product, as well as valuable nutrients. Dairy products from Garwolin are an excellent base for many traditional Polish dishes and can inspire you to create tasty modern dishes. The marks and certificates held by the Cooperatives prove the guarantee of the highest quality of milk and milk products produced by OSM Garwolin.

Okręgowa Spółdzielnia Mleczarska