OSM Garwolin

The brand of OSM Garwolin products is assessed as the best of the best. And so: at the Milk Expo 2011 Fair in Warsaw, the cooperative received the Super Cup of the Minister of Agriculture for the best brand and the title of Dairy Producer of the 20th anniversary of the Highest Quality, thus taking 1st place for the quality of dairy products during the 20th anniversary of the Milk Expo Fair. The awards at this Fair, as well as at other exhibition events throughout the country, clearly testify to the high
quality and delicious taste of our products.

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Success begins with the highest quality milk, as it is the basic raw material used in dairy production. The cooperative obtains milk from nearly a thousand farms from local suppliers from clean and ecological regions of Mazovia and the Lublin region. The farmers with whom we work are honest, reliable and responsible people who with great love, the greatest care and commitment care for animal welfare and the highest quality of raw material. It is thanks to the joint work and commitment of the Cooperative and suppliers that OSM Garwolin products are guaranteed of the highest quality, great taste and Polish origin of the raw material used for production.

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